pendu-amrinder -gill-judaa 2

pendu-amrinder -gill-judaa 2

   Pendu Amrinder gill

     Watch this latest and a new song of amrinder gill which is has available here after 3 days  of its releasing watch Pendu Amrinder gill .And it’s also from album  judaa part 2. You all have earlier watched judaa part 1.Now this is judaa part 2 Pendu Amrinder gill by a world famous singer amrinder gill .In last article i have give you the song mera deewanapan by amarinder gill  so now iam going to show you the video of Pendu Amrinder gill

Pendu Amrinder gill



1.   Artist of the song – Amrinder Gill,,

2.  Lyrics of – Jit Salala,,
3. Music given by – young fateh and Dr. jeus,,
Album name – Judaa 2…

Now  i am going to show you  the lyrics of Pendu  are as follows:-

note  :-  here two and three times means that the lines are repeated ….

1.  awesome rap by fateh….

Ik tere layi Main lai aya landi jeep ni,,,

oh tu hi Aakhdi aa pendu Eh gal theek ni…(.three t imes)

oh tu Hi aakhdi a Pendu Eh gal theek ni…(single time)


2.  pinda chh jamme Pardesa ch firde,,,

Siddi Na paayi kade topi main sir te,,,

kdi na Bhullan main Apna punjab,,,

uth k subah Oho pind di subah,,,

Makki di roti Naal kaarhi hoyi chaah,,,

kuch vi ni Samne tera Burger pizza.…(rAp by fateh)

kurta pajama Main abohard tOn savaya ae,,,

darji ne changa bill vadda jeha banaya a….. (2 times)

ki Tommy te ki gucci Ehdi kru rees ni,,,,

Oh saanu aaakhdi a pendu eh Gal theek ni….(2 times)

Oh saanu aaakhdi a Pendu eh gal theek ni,,,

3.   (rapp by fateh)…….

Assi sidhe jehe bande Koi jaan de na tezi ni,,,

Boldi a jehri puthi Jehi angrezi Ni…….(2 times)

hello Hi nu hi lagg jaaNe  do week ni,,

Oh saanu aaakhdi a Pendu ehe Gal theek ni….( 2 times)

must watch :- Mera Deewanapan|Amrinder Gill|full official song|lyrics

Also if you find any error or for any suggestion you can give your feedback in comment box below…..





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