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Tera Naa Miss Pooja is a latest new punjabi songJazzy B Singhan Diyan Gadiyan|Lyrics|HD Video |new punjabi song|Popsy|Jelly Manjit Puri|2014. Read more ... » has sung by miss pooja and the feat given by DJ Sanj .Before Tera Naa Miss Pooja has given many hits song like collage,pooja kiven,taaj mahal etc.Now miss pooja has got a big name fame in the punjabi music industry.

Tera Naa Miss Pooja is a song which will rock you completely and give you the feelings of love.Now iam going to show you the awesome HDvideo of Tera Naa Miss Pooja song .

Tera Naa Miss Pooja

Now iam going you the details of Tere Naa song by Miss Pooja ,which are as follows:-

1.  song name – Tere Naa,,

2.  Singer of the song  – Miss Pooja,,

3.Music or feat  by- DJ Sanj,,

4.Label or production of- Aanand Music,,

5.  Producer name- Mukesh Kumar….

The lyrics of the song Tere Naa Miss Pooja are as follows:-


1.  Aja Mere haniya Ve akhan Ch lakowa,,
Tenu palka Di Kr dewa Chaa…..(2 times)

2.  Ik Waari Sonio je Saah Lani aa Vet Eraa,,
Do war Lani aaa Naa,,,,

3.  Rachi Mere Saahi tere Saaha di Sungand Ve,,,
Dooru hi Likha Asa soniye samand Ve,,,
jaan Te Jahan Dowe tere Uto Waar Dewa,,
sarda Ve Nit Ere bina Ta,,,,,,
ik Waari Sonio je Saah Lani aa Ve Tera,,,
do War Lani aaa Naa……

4.  Tere Waaju menu Gher Landiya udasiya,,,,,(2times)
akhiya Ie Deed diya Rendiya Pyassiya,,
tere Bina Marjogi haye Chan Makhna,
haa Ik Waari Sonio je Saah Lani Aaa Ve Tera,,
Do war Lani Aa naa,,,,

har Vele Randi Tere pyar Wali Chit Ve,,
Lagiya Na pata Kdo Chori Chori Haniya Ve mal Batha Dil Vich Thaa,,,,
Ik waari sonio Je Saah Lani Aa Ve Tera
do War Lani Aa Na…….


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